LongOPod Elevated Camera System – Practice Camera & End Zone Camera

The LongOPod is a unique elevated camera system, unlike other designs using a tripod we developed a rolling base with an articulating arm which allows the LongOPod to be moved and leveled while fully extended. The LongOPod end zone camera system can be rolled to different locations on the practice field and set up to capture stable video of lineman blocking assignments, receivers routes and quarterback‘s decisions. You can also use the practice video to detect and disguise reads by your opponent. Using the LongOPod during practice will allow your staff to detect and make corrections before the game rather than after the game.

The best movable practice & end zone camera system on the market.

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Soccer requires an elevated camera system that is both quick and smooth
Check out the video to see how the LongOPod captures soccer action.

LongOPod 24′ high $ 1,995 
The LongOPod is the best most versatile and economical End Zone Camera Systems on the market.
You can use the LongOPod all week during practice and then use it during the game for your endzone camera.

24 XL End Zone Camera